Sydney band Nil By Mouth Music Triple M



Some Things Never Change

Well you're moving slowly in a definite way, you want us to look,
You're looking OK when you
Tell the stories ff the things I've done
Decades before I was born.

Well I'd say never to being together and they're all asking why

Some things never change, I hope you stay the same
Some things never change, I watch you slipping away.

Well I'm moving on to a different scene,
Coz I'm getting bored and you know what I mean,
With the same song and the same sound,
It's all I'm hearing around.


Guns for the Enemy

He will give it up and he will get out,
Some see it, but he's just getting along, unlike you.

And so you see it, do you believe it?
No need to say it, but I'm not living on,
Your breadcrumbs, the old ones, the cold ones, coz I have been there.

I think I can take it, but worn out trees come down with more ease.
I'm ready to fake it, and you shouldn't know but I'll be waiting.

I'll be there when you get where you're going to,
I never know how.
That didn't mean more guns for the enemy,
I guess it does now.

I never get it until I'm fed it,
I know the flavour and all that is meaning enough.

I think they've been there, not just in the air,
It seems odd to think it's a moving song that saved us,
When its papers that made us, there's something wrong there.

I will give it up, and I will get
Some say it, but I just move it along.


The Left Side

I'm not looking for tepid water,
I'm only living around the corner,
But I am dying on the left side.

When looking around the corner,
For somebody to fill the order,
Well I am lying to the right mind.

I was looking for something to amaze you,
I was looking for something to save me.

Hey, you're getting away with the game,
Yeah, you're showing it off in a normal way.

When looking for someone's daughter,
Don't go giving away the aura,
Like I'm giving nothing away.

And when you get close,
To what you hate the most,
Lies that go on endlessly, that's me.

You've got your own way out
You've got your own way now
You've got your own way,To make her see that I wouldn't die because it's all the rage.


 The Way It Is

He was there just for minute,
To see how he felt in it.
Looks like he needs some silence
Coz he'd been walking around for so long, but that's the way it is.

A short list, he needs just a few things,
And what you do seems to fit in.
Don't get too hung up on it
I let them move the way they did, coz that the way I am.

Oh come on, get saturated,
All the things you've done are over-rated.
Oh come on, infatuate
All that it has done is made you unstable
I wish that I could have been able
To turn around your eyes, or your mind this time.

His brains become the victim
Of something undefined
Seems to be taking over, its going on before your eyes
But that's the way you are

When they ask you how you've been,
What do you say to them
When they ask you what you've seen,
How do you lie again
When they ask me what I know,
Its hard to let it go
When they ask you how you feel,
What do you say to them

Some synthesised perfection,
Explains the warm rejection
I want this to be over,
So I can be boring old me, coz that's the way I am.


Come and Go

You'll be sitting in the park when you break up,
Just crying in the dark through your makeup.
You're wondering why they had to leave you,
And why it's all go to be you.

They're up in arms about what you've been saying
They've got no doubt about the games you're playing
All I know is that you come and go and now, all of this will be known
(They've) I've given up the funk, given up the punk and don't you know it's far less fun now.

I see a less rounded front man,
He's there serving up the rock from a dead pan
Like me never wants you to know,
What's in his head when he lets go

He was frightened but he stayed.
Hoping you might act your age,
You can do just what you want without me.

All hope is gone when you wake up
Your dream's gone dead, so you take up something that'll move you slowly
I'm over it, let's get lonely.


All lyrics written by Michael Collins ©2005